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The Tevebaugh Farm is a small hobby farm in Kearney, MO.  

On just a few acres, our farm went from a few rabbits to several alpaca's to a farm full of mini friends to love. 



We enjoy our mini friends so much that we have opened our doors to share them with family, friends, and the community.  Due to the fact that we do not have a lot of parking, we have our calendar open to book 1 hour farm visits. Soon, you will be able to plan your birthday parties, goat yoga, wine and relaxation, lunch with friends, and more.  

The Tevebaugh Farm is here to bring families and friends to a place that will not "break the bank", as a matter of fact, our farm does not charge any admission fee!  You will be able to make donations if you would like to contribute to helping with the costs of running the farm. While we may not be able to offer what all the beautiful big for profit attractions may offer, the Tevebaugh Farm offers a small area for families and friends to get up close and personal with some of the friendliest animals in Kearney, MO.  We also offer picnic tables and a small play area so you can relax and have lunch and let the kids play.  The future goal will be to be able to offer food to our friends as well.  

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