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Mini Friends & More



Meeting the needs in our community, we have decided to share our farm with other families that want to be up close and personal with our friends on the farm.  From alpacas to chickens, we have a lot of love to share!  With one-on-one visits, we not only respect our neighbors, but we offer a unique experience for families to visit without an overwhelming amount of people trying to experience the same thing.  Visits are limited to 1 hour to allow as many families as possible time to come to the farm.  

On July 29, 2022, we lost our grandson, Jack Bohannen Williams, to a rare genetic disorder.  We knew before he was born that if he survived, he would face many challenges.  Unfortunately, we didn't get to walk through those challenges with him because he was taken from us too soon.  This shed a whole new light to different things we can do to our farm to honor his memory. We have had families visit with kids with special needs and saw the magic in their eyes as they were able to pet, hug and love on the farm animals.  So, along with all of our visits, we will have areas on the farm that cater to the needs of each family that visits our friends. Give us this winter to come up with some great ideas and we will see what spring brings.  All areas are flat and wheelchairs and strollers are welcome. 


I loved my time with her and know I will return to the information I gained with her time

Sponsoring a mini friend helps feed, water and provide fun treats to them!  You are even welcome to send treats by mail to whichever animal you choose. 


 Sponsor a Mini-Friend

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When you sponsor one of our Mini-Friends at Tevebaugh Farms, you help that animal in ways that can’t even be counted.  In addition, it allows us to be able to finish the barn out and complete all areas to allow for more entertaining. 

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Tel: 816-442-5602

14013 Jesse James Farm Rd., Kearney, MO 64060

Please schedule a time to visit.  Or if you drive by feel free to stop and say hi if we are outside!

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